The Low Resource Workout

With the pace of life increasing each year, schedules are becoming more packed than ever. More and more, people are finding it harder and harder to fit exercise into their schedules. If you can’t make it to the gym, there are plenty of ways you can stay active from the comfort of your own home with little to no resources if you’re motivated enough to remove the distractions. In Part 1, we’re going to focus on some ways to workout when you’re low on resources.

Before we get into the workouts, let’s cover a few ground rules to get the most out of your time. First, remove the distractions. Unless you can stay focused on your training with the TV on (be honest with yourself), you should probably shut it off and focus on your form. Unless they’re participating with you, ask your significant other, kids, or anyone else who might distract you for 30-60 minutes of alone time. Second, make sure you’re prepared before starting the workout– not just mentally, but physically prepared and organized. Have all your “equipment” in place and ready to move seamlessly from one exercise to the next. Make sure you warm-up before beginning. Your heart rate should be elevated and all muscles being used for the workout should be prepped.


There are plenty of home gym options out there that are relatively affordable. Eve more affordable are some small free weights, bands, tubes, medicine balls, exercise mats, etc. These smaller items are what we’ll focus on for these workouts, rather than large pieces of home gym equipment. Most, if not all of the items used can be found inexpensively at places like Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, or even Target.

Equipment needed: Foam roller, tubes w/ handles, door attachment, exercise mat (if working out on hardwood floor), jump rope (if you have high ceilings).

Complete all exercises in succession then repeat. Adjust difficulty by increasing the size of the tube or stepping further away from the door attachment.

The list is in this format Exercise (Height of door attachment) x reps.

Band Circuit
Horizontal Presses (Chest Height) x 10
Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope x 50
Horizontal Rows (Chest Height) x 10
Bodyweight Squats x 20
Tube Crunches (FloorHeight) x 10
Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope x 50
Overhead Presses (Floor Height) x 10
Alternating Lunges x 12 L/R
Lat Pulldowns (Ceiling Height) x 10
Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope x 50

Repeat 3x. This workout should take about 30 minutes after your warm-up. Increase your difficulty by not resting in between rounds of the circuit.

Equipment needed: Foam roller, tubes w/ handles, door attachment, exercise mat (if working out on hardwood floor), jump rope (if you have high ceilings).

Tube Deadlift to Front Raise (Floor Height) x 20
*Pull to Front Raise as you push through the Deadlift
Alternating Lunge to Chest Press (Chest Height) x 10 L/R
*Inititate Chest Press at bottom depth of the Lunge
Squat to Horizontal Row (Chest Height) x 10 L/R
*Initiate Row at the botom depth of the Squat
Alternating Reverse Lunge to Lat Pull-Down (Ceiling Height) x 10 L/R
*Initiate Pull-Down at the bottom depth of the Lunge
Squat Hold to Horizontal Press (Chest Height) x 10 L/R
*Stand at right angle to tube. Hold Squat at 1/2 depth. Press in and out with no torso rotation.

Repeat 3x with 2 min rest between rounds.


Take the time to stretch post-workout. Recovery is a big part of muscle repair after a tough training session. Try to get through each circuit at least once without interruption. Taking time to improve your health and wellness will be a big contributor to improving your quality of life. It’s not selfish to take some time for yourself! Some of you might be competitive and try to do these workouts several times a week or multiple times a day. Remember, your body needs rest and time to repair. Some relaxation time (if you can find it) is never a bad thing. Try to give yourself 1-2 exercise-free days a week. I realize that equipment costs money and it takes a little time to find the right deals to get it inexpensively. If you don’t have the extra cash to buy tubes and mats, check back in next week for FSP’s Zero Resource Workout!


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