The Fairness of Fitness

Your biggest obstacle is you. … More The Fairness of Fitness


Stability or Mobility? Some Spinal Considerations

For a couple decades now, everyone has come down with a case of “core training” tunnel vision. It’s partly justified — a lot of force travels through the core when producing any movement — but it did go off the rails for awhile. First, it was all about the abs. Recently, it’s become about weird … More Stability or Mobility? Some Spinal Considerations

Myth Busting: Some Hard Truths for the Cult-like Fitness Enthusiast

There are a surprising number of well-intentioned fitness disciplines and practices that don’t actually do what you think they do. Regardless of which training style it is, there is probably a multitude of people ready throw hands to defend their discipline’s reputation. Warning: If you enjoy living in an echo chamber of your own fitness-related … More Myth Busting: Some Hard Truths for the Cult-like Fitness Enthusiast

When Exercise Selection Goes Bad

Over time, certain habits become ingrained in human beings and become behavior, regardless of the reasons. This certainly holds true in the world of fitness. Everyone gets into a routine and despite having the resources to change their program for the positive, they just keep on treading through the sludge hoping for the best.

The Functional Training Paradox

Language is a beautiful thing. In strength and conditioning, carefully-chosen words can succinctly and efficiently describe exercises, movements, training modalities, etc.  I frequently mention terms and phrases that get thrown around these days with little-to-no regard for the intent of the original meaning. “Functional training” is just the latest in a series of well-meaning catch-all … More The Functional Training Paradox