When Exercise Selection Goes Bad

Over time, certain habits become ingrained in human beings and become behavior, regardless of the reasons. This certainly holds true in the world of fitness. Everyone gets into a routine and despite having the resources to change their program for the positive, they just keep on treading through the sludge hoping for the best.

The Best GPP Strength Exercises

For those not in the “know”, GPP Stands for General Physical Preparedness. The operative word here is “general.” We’ve talked at length about the differences between general & specific programming as well as the differences between exercise & training. While training specifically for a specific outcome/ adaptation will yield specific results, there is something to be … More The Best GPP Strength Exercises

Exercise vs. Training: Differences and Considerations

If there’s one thing that CrossFit, P90-X, and various recent fitness trends have done well, it’s reminding a lot of people that yielding positive results from a fitness program is well… hard. It’s supposed to be because for the most part, that’s the way everything works in life. Sure some people win the lottery, cashing … More Exercise vs. Training: Differences and Considerations

Pre- & Post-Exercise Stretching, Part 3: Programming

In Part 1, we covered the benefits of a well-rounded stretching program in conjunction with a balanced exercise program. In Part 2, we covered the various techniques and their function related to flexibility. We’ve finally arrived at Part 3, where we’ll tie it all together. Here’s how to get the most out of your workout … More Pre- & Post-Exercise Stretching, Part 3: Programming